Meet Rembrandt: an artistic energy source without an off-switch.

Curiosity fuels his musical sense of freedom, leading to unusual sound worlds and alternative ways of music-making.

Pianist – composer

Rembrandt’s natural playing ground is all about creating on the spot. Both as a composer and a pianist, he takes a liberal approach to Jazz and classical music by introducing foreign influences.

For collaborations with superstars of Middle Eastern music, Rembrandt has completely reinvented his own sound world.

Western classical musicians and ensembles in search for progression embrace his new compositions, as well as the challenge of improvising.

Artistic initiator

As artistic initiator and curator for festivals, Rembrandt’s freethinking approach and a nose for potential makes for previously unknown connections and collaborations.

Constantly pushing himself and fellow musicians to new strengths in their process, these ingredients in the end serve a most creative dish – or indeed an entire banquet.


  • Researching musical traditions and sound worlds

    1995–1997, Cairo, Egypt

  • Debut at North Sea Jazz Festival

    2001, The Hague

  • European Jazz Youth Orchestra & Hermeto Pascoal

    2002. Touring Brazil and Europe

  • Scholarship Excelling Young Musicians

    2003, New York, USA

  • Working with saxophonist Michael Brecker

    2003, Netherlands

  • Presents new album in jazzclub Birdland

    2013, New York, USA

  • Fortepiano built for Rembrandt by Chris Maene

    2014. Courtesy of Dutch Musical Instruments Foundation

  • Opening act Taichung Jazz Festival, Taiwan for an audience of 50,000

    2017, Taiwan

  • Playing double bill concert with Chick Corea

    2018, at Ronnie Scott’s, London (UK)

  • Debut at Royal Festival Hall, London

    2019, London UK

  • Cello concerto for Kian Soltani (cello) & Amsterdam Sinfonietta

    2020. Commissioned by Cello Biënnale Amsterdam

  • Premiere Piano Concerto Nr. 1 & 2. Commisioned by musicians of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

    2021. Composed and Performed by Rembrandt

  • Start of ensemble "De Staalmeesters"

    2022. New work commissioned and project organized by Gaudeamus

  • Edison awards public prize nomination

    for album "A wind invisible sweeps us through the world"

  • Premiere Piano Concerto Nr. 3 Commisioned by the Residentie Orkest.

    2023 Composed and performed by Rembrandt & Residentie Orkest

  • 2023 UNESCO Project Rembrandt Trio in Mosul, Iraq

    International Heritage Music festival, one week residency

  • Premiere "Traktatus MMXXII". Commisioned by Calefax Reed Quintet.

    2023. A new work inspired by 17th century music

  • Triple Concerto: "The Ashes glow, the sleeping fire rises"

    2023. commissioned by Daniel Rowland / Stift Festival. for Daniel Rowland, Maja Bogdanovic & Rembrandt + Festival orchestra

  • Violin & Cello Double Concerto Premiere. commissioned by Cello Biennale

    2026. Composed for Daniel Rowland (violin) & Maja Bogdanovic (cello) + PHION Orchestra

  • (Forte)Pianoconcerto Nr.4 premiere. commissioned by Orchestra of the 18th century.

    2026. Composed and performed by Rembrandt


Pianoconcertos 1 & 2

Premiere of Pianoconcertos 1&2, composed for musicians of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra’s series “de IJsalon”

Recorded live on May 21 2021 At Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ.
Visuals by GryckoVisuals | Audio recorded by Arjen van Asselt.
Comissioned and organised by Music Stages Foundation / Michael Gieler
Musicians: Alma Quartet: Marc Daniel van Biemen -1st violin | Benjamin Peled -2nd violin
Judith Wijzenbeek -viola | Clement Peigne -cello | Andrea Caruso -acoustic bass | Vinsent Planjer -drums | Rembrandt Frerichs -composer & piano soloist.

Rembrandt Frerichs – ‘Spring Bells’

The Rembrandt Frerichs Trio live at the BIMhuis Amsterdam, 2015. The original composition is also featured on the trio’s album ‘A Long Story Short’.

Promotional video. Pianoconcerto Rembrandt Frerichs, Alma Quartet, Dominic Seldis, Vinsent Planjer

Kayhan Kalhor & Rembrandt Trio

Kayhan Kalhor & Rembrandt Trio

Jazzahead Official Showcase

Jazzahead Official Showcase


25 February 2024



Vredenburgkade 11

Utrecht, Nederland

Jasper Staps-Rembrandt Quartet

01 March 2024




Chris Cheek (USA), Rembrandt, Mark Haanstra, Jamie Peet

02 March 2024


Hothouse Jazz, Leiden

Chris Cheek (USA), Rembrandt, Mark Haanstra, Jamie Peet

03 March 2024


Co Live Radiobroadcast, Loosdrecht

Chris Cheek (USA), Rembrandt, Mark Haanstra, Jamie Peet

07 March 2024


jazz in Nijmegen.

Chris Cheek (USA), Rembrandt, Mark Haanstra, Jamie Peet


09 January 2024

On the initiative of several Dutch venues, a tour is planned for March 2024 featuring four exceptional individuals for a concentrated series of performances:
Renowned American saxophonist Chris Cheek, like no other, has the ability to make his saxophone sound like a human voice. Brad Mehldau, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Bill Frisell, and Charlie Haden had previously invited him to participate in their projects.

The group exclusively performs their original repertoire. In many of his groups, Rembrandt incorporated not only the piano but also older instruments such as the Fortepiano. However, for this group, he takes a different direction with the Fender Rhodes and Moog. With a rhythm section that combines deep grooves and playfulness, this tour will undoubtedly offer both the musicians and the audience an adventurous leap into a sonic experience full of musical discoveries and emotional depth.

Volkskrant Article about UNESCO trip to Iraq

09 January 2024

Dutch national newspaper de Volkskrant was curious about the project that the Rembrandt Trio was invited to participate. We are delighted that with this publication even more people can read about our experiences in Northern Iraq, bringing back music and cultural collaborations to one of the former capitals of the Islamic States Caliphate. Rehearsing right next to the mosque where Abu Bakr al Baghdadi proclaimed the IS, was quite a hopeful experience: in the end humanity wins.