Meet Rembrandt: an artistic energy source without an off-switch.

Curiosity fuels his musical sense of freedom, leading to unusual sound worlds and alternative ways of music-making.

Pianist – composer

Rembrandt’s natural playing ground is all about creating on the spot. Both as a composer and a pianist, he takes a liberal approach to Jazz and classical music by introducing foreign influences.

For collaborations with superstars of Middle Eastern music, Rembrandt has completely reinvented his own sound world.

Western classical musicians and ensembles in search for progression embrace his new compositions, as well as the challenge of improvising.

Artistic initiator

As artistic initiator and curator for festivals, Rembrandt’s freethinking approach and a nose for potential makes for previously unknown connections and collaborations.

Constantly pushing himself and fellow musicians to new strengths in their process, these ingredients in the end serve a most creative dish – or indeed an entire banquet.


  • Researching musical traditions and sound worlds

    1995–1997, Cairo, Egypt

  • Debut at North Sea Jazz Festival

    2001, The Hague

  • European Jazz Youth Orchestra & Hermeto Pascoal

    2002. Touring Brazil and Europe

  • Scholarship Excelling Young Musicians Fund

    2003, New York, USA

  • Working with saxophonist Michael Brecker

    2003, Netherlands

  • Nominated for Edison Award

    2006. Debut album ‘Self Portrait’

  • Presents new album in jazzclub Birdland

    2013, New York, USA

  • Fortepiano built for Rembrandt by Chris Maene

    2014. Courtesy of Dutch Musical Instruments Foundation

  • Opening act Taichung Jazz Festival, Taiwan for an audience of 50,000

    2017, Taiwan

  • Playing double bill concert with Chick Corea

    2018, at Ronnie Scott’s, London (UK)

  • Debut at Royal Festival Hall, London

    2019, London UK

  • Cello double concerto for Kian Soltani (cello), Kayhan Kalhor & Amsterdam Sinfonietta

    2020. Commissioned by Cello Biënnale Amsterdam

  • Premiere Piano Concerto Nr. 1

    2021. Commisioned by musicians of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra


Rembrandt Frerichs – ‘Spring Bells’

The Rembrandt Frerichs Trio live at the BIMhuis Amsterdam, 2015. The original composition is also featured on the trio’s album ‘A Long Story Short’.

Rembrandt Frerichs – ‘Opening’

Hossein Alizadeh, Cello Octet Amsterdam & Rembrandt Frerichs Trio. Live at contemporary music festival November Music 2017, the Netherlands.

Rembrandt Frerichs – ‘Offering’

Kayhan Kalhor, kamancheh & Rembrandt Frerichs Trio. Live at Dutch classical television programme Podium Witteman, 2018.

Fresu & Frerichs perform ‘I fall in love too easily’

Paolo Fresu, trumpet & Rembrandt Frerichs, piano. ‘I fall in love too easily’ composed by Jule Styne with lyrics by Sammy Cahn. Live at the BIMhuis, Amsterdam in 2015

Live at Jazz International Rotterdam 2017

Verneri Pohjola – trumpet, Sylvain Rifflet  – saxophone, The Rembrandt Frerichs Trio. For the concert series of ‘Music made in Europe’, live at LantarenVenster Rotterdam, the Netherlands.


10 December 2021


Piet Heinkade 3 1019 BR Amsterdam


Mohammad Motamedi & Rembrandt Trio

12 December 2021


Otto Reuchlinweg 996 3072 MD


Mohammad Motamedi & Rembrandt Trio

16 December 2021



Mohammad Motamedi & Rembrandt Trio

17 December 2021

Music Meeting @ LUX .

Mohammad Motamedi & Rembrandt Trio

28 January 2022

Projazz Den haag. Koorenhuis.

Rembrandt Trio CD presentation


Full concert streamed by BIMhuis TV

22 August 2020

Two sessions of our adventurous five-piece concert, traversing a world of styles and sounds will be streamed live. The line-up: Rembrandt Frerichs on piano, Tony Overwater on double bass, Vinsent Planjer on drums, Efraïm Trujillo on tenor saxophone and Teus Nobel on trumpet. You can still enjoy the concert online!

New album out

20 August 2018

After four years of experimenting, conversations with instrument builders and the researching of repertoire, we proudly present to you our new album: The Contemporary Fortepiano.

On this album we play new music on historical instruments. With our line-up of fortepiano, violone and Whisper Kit we have created a totally new sound over the past few years. It reflects perfectly our love for jazz, European Early music and art music from the Middle East.

This music is all about intimacy of sound. In our quest for a light and transparent sound, I play a fortepiano, a copy of the instrument Mozart had in his home. The Netherlands National Musical Instrument Fund (NMF) had this instrument built specially for me by the famous Belgian piano craftsman Chris Maene. Discover the album here.