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Made in Europe meets SPAIN: PERICO SAMBEAT.

Made in Europe meets SPAIN: PERICO SAMBEAT.

In our concertseries called Made in Europe, where we celebrate European jazz, it's now time to feature Spain. Perico Sambeat l knew from his collaborations with Brad Mehldau. A strong virtuoso style mixed with elegance is something that attracts me in Perico's playing. We will be playing at theatre de Nieuwe Regentes and will be back in Breda on March 18th 2018.
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Rembrandt guest at Bebop jazz sessions. Delft 16:00


Rembrandt Frerichs Trio
Kunst van het Trio. Mauritshuis Den Haag


W/ Dominic Seldis, Maria Paula Majoor & Benjamin Glorieux. Rembrandt's artist in Residence at Noorderkerk Amsterdam
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