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Rembrandt in 14 museums

Rembrandt in 14 museums

What? 30 seconds is the average amount of time museum visitors spend in front of works of art?
The Rembrandt Frerichs trio has created a series of concerts in art museums.
At these concerts a direct relationship is established between the music and the artworks in such a way that the audience perceives both the paintings and the music from a more profound perspective.
For the art of the trio the trio plays music specifically written and improvised for the works of art present in the museums hosting the concert. A concert set-up is made in the museum halls, among the art. Audiences are invited to experience the music, the art and the museum space in a new way. The trio will do this in their Contemporary Fortepiano – line up, playing the historic fortepiano (Mozart’s instrument), historic violone and historic percussion-set: new music on old instruments.
read more about it here: dekunstvanhettrio.nl

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