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Giving a lecture

Giving a lecture

On November 15th l'm invited to give a lecture for colleague pianists about my adventures in finding new directions of piano playing. As you might know, being inspired by non-western instruments like the santur and the qanun, l'm happy to share with my friends how l made techniques from these musical traditions playable on the piano. Besides this, l hope to shine a light on how pianist from any level can maintain their inspiration by listening to music where the piano does not play a part and thus coming up with artistic solutions themselves for improvisation. l hope to invite the audience to get out of their comfort zone.
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Rembrandt / Jasper Staps quartet. Noordeinderveramaning.


CURATOR at festival Crossing Border. feat Mahsa Vahdat and Sylvain Rifflet's Moondog


Rembrandt Frerichs Trio
Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
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