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Curator at Prinsjesdag Festival

Curator at Prinsjesdag Festival

With my hometown of the Hague being the governmental capital of the Netherlands, we always on the third tuesday of September have the spectacle of the king driving 'round town with a golden coach. On this day The Hague is full of festivities. One new festival is the Prinsjesbal, where the organization has asked me to be their 'curator'. On September 13th the Rembrandt Frerichs Trio will be performing with Limburg artists Bert Lochs (trumpet) and Ad Colen (saxophone) with a special program for that night combining original compositions of all the group members. We hope to be back later this season in the province of Limburg with a follow-up of this project.
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Rembrandt Frerichs Trio
Tivoli Vredenburg. CD PRESENTATION Graffiti Jazz.


Sylvain Rifflet's Moondog. NDR halle, HAMBURG


Sylvain Rifflet's Moondog. NDR halle, HAMBURG
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