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MA Festival Brugge

MA Festival Brugge

This summer we made our entrance at the MA festival: a festival dedicated to early music (like baroque music and before, Bach and all of that). the concept of our concert was: 'the future sound of early music.' On this festival we've made a contrast between actually playing Bach's notes and our improvisations and my own original pieces with my project the Contemporary Fortepiano. l totally love the mix of my 1790 walter-fortepiano with Tony's Violone (precirsor of the acoustic bass) Two Belgian camera teams came, one of the VRT and one of Focus TV. Video from this concert you can see here.
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Rembrandt / Jasper Staps quartet. Noordeinderveramaning.


CURATOR at festival Crossing Border. feat Mahsa Vahdat and Sylvain Rifflet's Moondog


Rembrandt Frerichs Trio
Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
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The contemporary fortepiano