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Zolder Gasten is Dutch for "guests at the attic". The top floor of our house is a music studio for almost 40 years now (we are living there since 2006.) The good vibes and the many guest musicians, sharing their music with me that we have had in our house is the inspiration for this page. From some of the artists that come to our house l will post music, (sometimes of us working together) or video's and background about these extraordinary people here. Hope you'll enjoy this as much as l have.
inspiration - Oded Tzur, indian saxophone?

inspiration - Oded Tzur, indian saxophone?

Oded Tzur truely is an interesting character and extraordinary artist. We met in Holland where he was studying Indian classical music at the Codarts Conservatory in Rotterdam. His way of playing the saxophone with techniques borrowed from the Bansuri (bamboo flute from India) is really something that blew my mind.
Apart from his musical abilities he's also a very interesting artist, taking the listener into his own universe and is one of those artists who makes choices with no concessions. Always an inspiring guy to hang around with, for me it's too bad he moved to New York.
Hopefully sometime in the future we'll be able to cooperate again.
Check out our concert together, live in Granada (Spain) here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQBDnAiwUFE
Check out his current projects and music here: http://www.odedtzur.com/
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Sylvain Rifflet's Moondog. NDR halle, HAMBURG


Sylvain Rifflet's Moondog. NDR halle, HAMBURG
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